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My story

With 20 years of experience, I've excelled in various leadership roles, from serving as a Sr. User Experience Manager, where I led teams and developed comprehensive UX strategies, to contributing as a Sr. UI/UX Designer, shaping the redesign of systems and implementing global design solutions. My expertise extends to high-profile brand design, leading UX initiatives, and crafting UI/UX patterns for automation solutions. My diverse experience showcases a deep understanding of user-centered design, Agile Project Management, and a commitment to enhancing products and services through innovation and strategic thinking.

In my most recent role as Sr. User Experience Manager at Appnovation, I led a multidisciplinary team of UX designers, researchers, copywriters, and developers. I successfully developed a comprehensive UX strategy that aligned with business objectives, enhanced overall UX maturity, and ensured standardized components through the deployment of design systems. My role involved collaborating with key stakeholders to integrate UX best practices throughout the product development lifecycle, advocating for end-users with a focus on accessibility and usabilit

During my tenure at Transport Canada - Marine Division, I served as Sr. UI/UX Designer, leading the UX design for the Vessel Registry and MITRACK vessel loading system. I created a Global Design System & Language for Transport Canada, addressing complex issues in certificate issuance, invoicing, identity, and inventory management within a fast-paced Agile Environment.