Google Looker / MLB Pitch

Working closely with the technical team, I ensured seamless integration of Google Looker with MLB’s existing data infrastructure. This involved data cleansing, transformation, and validation to guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the analytics platform.

Throughout the design process, I conducted research sessions with MLB “super fans” to promote relevant data and empower users to derive insights independently.

Customized Data Visualization

Using AI & data to provide analytic insight

For this project I created wireframes, user / process flows, prototypes in which path optimization was considered. 
Design iterations were tested and measured against each other through using A-B testing alongside
user interviews and the collection of feedback which was then evaluated and integrated back into optimized updates to the project. Designed in Figma and developed using the GitHub repo we constantly iterated on the project in order to improve and deliver a Gov project that was technically ahead of other effort being done in the space.

Situation –

In my role as a Sr Manager Experience, I lead a team tasked with leading a crucial pitch involving the implementation of Google Looker technology for Major League Baseball (MLB). The organization recognized the need for a more sophisticated data analytics solution to gain deeper insights into player performance, fan engagement, and overall operational efficiency. 
This project re imagined the extensive data visualization tools from the Savant website.

Task –

My primary task was to assess the data needs of MLB and design a comprehensive analytics platform using Google Looker. This involved collaborating with various stakeholders, including MLB analysts, data scientists, and AI professionals, to understand specific requirements, pain points, and desired outcomes. The goal was to create a centralized analytics hub that could provide real-time, actionable insights to inform strategic decisions across the league.

Action – 

To tackle this, I interviewed MLB super fans, identified key performance indicators (KPIs), and utilized Google Looker to create custom dashboards and reports. Collaborating with the tech team, I ensured smooth integration with MLB’s data infrastructure, including data cleansing and validation for accuracy. I also conducted training sessions to empower MLB staff with self-service analytics for independent insights.

Result –

The successful implementation of Google Looker transformed MLB’s approach to data analytics. The league gained real-time visibility into player performance metrics, fan engagement trends, and operational efficiency benchmarks. This resulted in more informed decision-making, improved player strategies, and enhanced fan experiences. The project’s success was evident in the increased adoption of the analytics platform across MLB teams and departments, leading to a more data-driven and competitive approach within the league. The implementation not only met but exceeded the initial expectations, establishing Google Looker as a pivotal tool in MLB’s data analytics arsenal.