Transport Canada


Roles & Responsibilities
  • User Experience Research
  • UX / UI
  • Agile Project Methodology
  • Interactive Prototype
  • Product Design Roadmap
  • Strategy
  • Process / User Flow Diagrams

Vessel Registry

The Vessel Registry project at Transport Canada aimed to revolutionize the registration process for maritime vessels, leveraging an agile project methodology and cutting-edge product design. Embracing the agile framework, the project unfolded in iterative sprints, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to evolving requirements. The product design phase incorporated a user-centric approach, involving comprehensive user research, journey mapping, and usability testing to understand the needs and pain points of both internal stakeholders and vessel operators. This informed the creation of an intuitive and responsive design system that streamlined the registration process. The project’s success was not only measured in terms of efficiency gains but also in the positive impact on user experience, establishing a precedent for future user-centric developments in maritime regulation.

What I Delivered

In the Vessel Registry project, our team prioritized user experience by delivering a range of design artifacts that seamlessly merged aesthetics with functionality. Through meticulous UI prototyping, we crafted an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring a smooth registration process for vessel operators. The design artifacts extended to the development of a scalable architecture, laying the foundation for a robust and adaptable system. The integration of digital certificates further enhanced security and efficiency within the registry, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for users. This comprehensive approach to design artifacts not only prioritized user satisfaction but also set the stage for a scalable and future-proof Vessel Registry system.

Project Stats