Worked on wrapping a Jaguar XJ 12 with some custom artwork.

I worked with an agency ILoveDust to wrap a Jaguar XJ12 with some custom artwork celebrating what Jordan Brand athlete Carmelo Anthony was all about.
It ended up getting wrapped and driving around the streets of Miami to promote his new Melo microsite and model of shoe that year.

I typically like doing print work a lot because you get to see tangible proof of your efforts. I had some photos of the finished car but I lost them in one of my many hard drive crashes so you’ll have to settle for these upscaled hero shots instead.


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The Results

“I think everyone has their own style”

Carmelo Anthony

Wrapping an entire car with artwork was a fun project made funner by the fact that it was a Jaguar and Carmelo Anthony was driving it.

Working with IloveDust to wrap this vehicle was a fun project to work on.
I started by doing some artwork over the blueprint for the actual car.

It wasn’t much different than designing an all over print garment really.
Once I knew the measurements and parameters I was working with it really wasn’t all that tricky to get the art to fit

I just had to calculate where the art looked best in terms of placement and made it all come together.

I would absolutely love to do another auto wrap – I have done one other one since this project but it wasn’t as cool as this one. If you want an all over print on your whip give me a shout.


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