While at Blast Radius in Vancouver, I was dedicated to working on the iconic brand for a living legend. Basketball hall of fame star Michael Jordan

I worked on a few different projects for this brand. One of which was designing a touch screen kiosk for the lineup of footwear and another was creating collectors editions anniversary posters featuring the entire line up of shoes to date.
At the time this was for the 25th anniversary so kind of a big deal for the brand.

The touch screen kiosk that we made was a first for its time. Touch screens weren’t as commonplace as they are today so we were actually breaking new ground in advertising back then. The user could interact with the touch screen kiosk and get information about the footwear including it’s features and history in development.


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Awards & Mentions

  • Global recognition for the brand
  • 32 total awards – “Site of the day”

Project Outcome


I was working as the Senior Designer at Blast Radius in 2007 and 2008 – which was around the time when the Jordan Brand turned 25.
To celebrate this momentous anniversary a select group of designers were tasked with designing posters for the brand. Mine featured all the shoes that had come before the XXPE the year 25 shoe.


Solidifying the Jordan Brand and name in the annals of history. There isn’t a more iconic athlete alive today than Michael Jordan so it was an honour to work on the brand while I was there. I made posters, a kiosk and a micro site for this brand as well as a vehicle wrap in another project.

““I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying.””

Michael JordanCEO, Jumpman | Jordan Brand