The Solaris Expansion for MechWarrior Online brought a much needed refresh to the franchise and a focus on arena combat on a more personal scale.

The inititaive for Solaris was to bring new fans to the game that had been online for over 6 years already which in online multiplayer titles is ages.

I had the usual constraints to work against such as having a design aesthetic to adhere to but was given the freedom to take some creative liberties.

I worked with 2 developers on this project and ended up creative interactive prototypes to model what the UI would look like after it was placed in the aging game engine. We were working with Cry Engine and some rather low bench specs to target. That said we were able to create the most dynamic UI the game has ever seen.

Check a review on IGN here 


  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Strategy
  • Motion Design (Broadcast & UI)


  • Revitalized player base
  • Received critical acclaim from player base

The Results

“MechWarrior Online’s Solaris Update Makes You Feel Like a Giant Robot Gladiator”

Bringing MWO to PVP – 1v1 or 2v2 – in arena style combat. All with full customization of your mech.

This was kind of arena combat in a player vs player setting. You would gain XP and accolades from sponsors as you fought your way through the ranks of challengers all piloting highly customizable mechs.

You could win currency which you could in turn use to upgrade your stable of fighting mechs. It’s like if Gladiator was fought with giant stompy robots and you’re getting paid to fight. The UI was highly dynamic in terms of motion and was also a lot of fun to use with the layout being intuitive to the user.


Percent increase in over player base


Positive reviews about the games largest update


Increase in playtime for players fighting in the arena